Vonage Mobile App Review

Vonage Mobile App

{Disclosure: Vonage provided product for this review and giveaway. My review is an honest opinion based on my own experience and has not been reviewed or edited by Vonage.}

Recently, I uploaded the Vonage Mobile App to my phone and learned a couple of things about the app.

For starters, Vonage Mobile is a free app for iPhone and Android that allows users to make free app-to-app phone and video calls, send texts and share photos and location with other Vonage Mobile users worldwide.

I had heard of Vonage Mobile as a Voice-Over-IP (VOIP) service. Using VOIP means you save money on phone calls to other Vonage users utilizing  the Internet wherever your phone can get WiFi. For paid users, the Extensions App will extend a home subscription plan that allows you to make calls over the Internet from your home phone and then also via WiFi or 3G/4G on your phone.

We use a home plan called Ooma which is also VOIP but so far I have never used a phone app related to it. I like that Vonage Mobile has both home phone and smart phone usage now.

The Vonage Mobile calling screen is simple and easy to use as pictured below. You can see that there are several options across the top of the app. The first option is a list of contacts that will let you see both who you can call and who is already a Vonage user among your contacts. When I installed the app, I had one contact who uses Vonage but I invited several friends and we’ll see who responds!

Vonage Mobile Keyboard


The menu for the Vonage Mobile App is pictured below. In addition to finding contacts, calling them and sending messages and texts, you can make paid calls to non-Vonage users by adding credits below.

vonage app menu

You can also earn free credits (up to $10) by inviting others to join you and then by having others sign up, you have more contacts to call for free.

Vonage free credit


The Vonage Mobile App is great to suppliment cheap plans for teens and tweens that call and text each other. Right now, my girls do not have smartphones but once they get them, I will definitely suggest the Vonage Mobile App.

As of now, I would have to say that this app is limiting since I know few users and my kids don’t have smartphones but they do have digital devices on which this could really come in handy (iPad and tablet). I look forward to seeing my network on this grow.

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