Smartphones + Smart Students = Apps to an A

smartphone appsLike most students, you’re probably perfectly happy living in the denial that summer break will last forever. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the fall semester is right around the corner — even less than a month away for some students.

But rather than milk your last few weeks of freedom, allot at least part of your free time to prepare for your future academic responsibilities. You don’t want to be the person frantically buying textbooks (next-day shipping fee and all) in the middle of the night before your first day, so get your act together the smarter way by prepping your phone first.

1. gCalcPro Graphing Calculator ($6.99, BlackBerry)

Many of today’s smartphones are more advanced than the first computers, so something as basic as a calculator should be more or less a given. Graphing calculators are expensive, and students don’t exactly have a lot of money to blow. Some professors might be iffy about using your calculator for midterms and other exams. But on average class days and last-minute homework sessions, Crimson Oak Academy claims the gCalcPro Graphing Calculator app has your back for all of your complex, high-level mathematics courses.

2. BrebsFlash Flashcards ($5.99, BlackBerry)

The classic method of flashcard studying is proven effective, but BrebsFlash Flashcards takes it to a whole new level. Use pictures and audio to further solidify your knowledge base, and quickly browse and download decks of flashcards on any subject from and The cards are smartly arranged by recording your performance with each flashcard and showing the difficult ones more often. An extensive in-app flashcard creation and editing tool makes personalization a breeze.

3. Learn English/French/Italian/Spanish ($4.99, BlackBerry)

Language apps by BlackBerry are essential for students enrolled in foreign language courses. Study abroad programs often claim that learning a foreign language is much easier when you’re surrounded by it. But a plane ticket across the world doesn’t come close to the economic efficiency for these smartphones. Customize your sessions by difficulty level (from Newbie to Advanced), and choose from various, highly applicable language themes. A short audio language session can easily be squeezed in during dinner, bus rides home, or even walking to class.

4. Evernote (Free, BlackBerry, iOS, Android)

Evernote is mentioned so often that you’d almost think it’d be considered “overrated” by now. However, there’s a good reason why this organization app tops every best apps list: it simply can’t be beat. Evernote takes all the clutter from your brain and organizes into nice neat folders, so you can focus on getting that term paper in before midnight. Take notes the old fashioned way by simply typing them into a pad, or store photographs and audio recordings for a new study medium.

5. DropBox (Free, BlackBerry, iOS, Android)

Ideal for a student’s salary and schedule, DropBox keeps all of your essential files immediately accessible wherever and whenever. The app enables automatic syncing, 2GB of free space, and easier file sharing through social media. The app ensures optimum security for private information, while also making it easy to authorize specific users to participate in group projects and assignment first drafts.

Guest Post by Evelyn Stark

Evelyn designs SMS interfaces and enjoys writing about mobile technology in her spare time.


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