Gifts That Keep Giving

goodwill logo#Giving Tuesday is over but that doesn’t mean to stop giving. You can give money, pack a box, knit a scarf for a homeless person or simply get rid of your old stuff and take it to your local GoodwillGoodwill Donation Center.

At the beginning of the month, I started cleaning out Fall things and bringing out the holiday decorations. I found plenty of things I didn’t need cluttering up my storage areas, drawers and garage. At one point, I wanted them. At one point, they were a new gift or an item I saw at the store I likedand bought. Now, they sit dusty and unused and there’s a place for that – NOT IN MY HOUSE.

This week, I am taking my old items past the curb on Friday and onto the Goodwill store where donations create jobs and change lives. Watch the following video about how Goodwill changed the life of this woman, Candice.

Some ways of giving are easier than others. Getting rid of your old items and getting a charitable tax deduction out of it is one of the easiest!

To see the impact your donation makes, check out the Goodwill donation impact calculator. To find a store near you, go to the website and simply enter your zip code.

This donation picture was from when I was helping my mom this last summer clean out her house and my childhood memories and she took ALOT to Goodwill!

Goodwill Donations


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