Win a Chance to be on Downton Abbey set!

Downton Abbey charity contestIf nothing else, you really must watch this great video clip (embedded below) created by the cast of Downton Abbey who quite properly (or not) recorded this advertisement about a contest to come to set and in the meantime, support the victims of the Philippine Tsunami and help them rebuild with your entry donations.

If you win:

  • You & a friend will be flown to London to spend a day with the cast of Downton Abbey on set
  • Airfare and hotel included for 2
  • Every entry empowers our friends in the Philippines to rebuild

To enter, you simply start with a minimum donation of $10. Higher donations get more entries.

Your donations support Be The Change. Enter by going to But, first, it would be highly frowned upon if you don’t watch the video first.

Downton Abbey contest


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