Toy Fair 2014 is almost here!

toy fairLast year from Toy Fair, my highlight of the event was covering the Dr. Who booth and talking about the products that attracted teenagers who are making daily decisions whether to spend their hard earned dollars.  The year before, I enjoyed sharing some of the fun games new on the market that tied into classic themes like the Berenstain Bears.

This year, I am hoping to look into the relationship that is growing between digital games and their tactile in-real-life plastic or stuffed counterparts. This growing trend adds new elements every year as technology and devices change and become more abundant in society.

Is it good, it is bad? Do digital games that compliment toys (and vica versa) help our society learn and grow or do they add to the digital distractions that keep us from spending time getting to know each other? Some are definitely better than others and I look forward to doing a round-up of the different ones.

There is even a digital kids conference but I am still deciding whether to invest in that part of the event or not.

Stay Tuned for more on this topic!






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