Smokey Bear will be on Twitter today at 2 PM EST #SmokeyBDay

After 70 years, Smokey Bear continues to share the message: “Only YOU can prevent forest fires.” Did you know that 9 out of 10 forest fires are started by humans? Thanks to Smokey and his familiar phrase, we have reduced the number of acres lost to wildfires from 22 millions to today’s yearly average of 6.5 million. That is amazing.

smokey bear

Help us celebrate Smokey Bear, a classic figure in American culture and key messenger for fire safety. First, sign Smokey’s birthday card! It would mean the world to him!

Another way is to get your kids familiar with Smokey. Teach them his ABC’s: Always Be Careful with fire!  He also offers great resources and activities for children:

Lastly, join Smokey for a Twitter Chat today, Wednesday August 6, from 2pm-3pm EST. Follow @smokey_bear with hashtag #SmokeyBDay. Come chat about your outdoor activities this summer and how you are helping keep our great outdoors safe for everyone!

You can connect with Smokey on  FacebookYouTubeInstagram, and Twitter.


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