Back-to-School Firsts with Staples

JansportStaples is celebrating Back-to-School “Firsts” and we had a big one this year! For the first time ever, my daughter drove out the driveway and off to school carrying herself and my younger daughter and I was left waving from the front porch as the back of the black Suburban cleared the top of the neighborhood and turned out of sight.

Another first came today when my younger daughter passed her driver’s permit test and will now start learning to drive herself. By March, I may have two licensed teens in the family and much more time to myself – another first! What’s really insane to imagine is that I may be an “empty-nester” in only a year and a half when both girls are off to college, if that’s what life holds for them.

The time is flying and as much as you are ready to enter each new phase, you miss when they fit in your lap, when they still want you to tuck them in, and when they cried for you to come in their room instead of verbally berating you for entering their hallowed sanctuaries. Life is different with teens but I still love them so very much it makes my heart ache to think too hard about it.

On a lighter note, Staples sent us some very special items to help prepare for the start of school, as soon below. My youngest picked the very cool JanSport zebra striped backpack and Fit & Fresh Downtown Insulated Designer Lunch Bag. For a few years, the girls enjoyed buying lunch in the cafeteria but now lines are too long and they enjoy staying back in classrooms for study groups which means you don’t get lunch if you don’t pack it. My youngest likes to pack her own lunch and is the healthiest eater in our family so the insulated lunch bag really comes in handy.


My older daughter was quite thrilled to take ownership of the Kindle fire HD, mechanical pencils and composition notebook, also sent to us by Staples. I love my own Kindle HD and rave about it and now she has her own. I like the diversity, versatility and affordability of the Kindle fire HD. We have never been a family that had to have expensive Apple products when other options like the Kindle totally suited our needs!

Kindle Fire

Do you have a “Back-to-School” memory to share?


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