Saying Goodbye to My Old Blogs: Genesis Moments and DIYFrugal

Well, it’s done! (my original Mom blog with years of review content, inspirational thoughts and celebrity interviews) along with (my shared frugalista blog with reviews and money saving tips) are now GONE. Ignored, hacked, poisoned and now lost in cyberspace.

If you have been redirected here looking for those blogs, they are gone. Content lost in digital dots. Sorry, world. Life got busy and blogging took a back-step. In my absence, evil hackers took over my sites and sent viruses out into the world. To avoid further digital poisoning, I have shut them down for good and forwarded the domain names here. The hacked content no longer exists so if you are looking for old links, old mentions or branded images, they do not exist in any accessible form.

Those two blogs represent an active time in my life of creative writing and digital networking that led to several career building jobs in education and communications and amazing public relations experiences I won’t ever forget. I will never underestimate the value they had to my life but life goes on and now it’s time to move on.

Message me if you have any questions about these older blogs.



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